German Exercises

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verbs, present, past and perfect tense

nouns, articles and pronouns

grammar theory: word classes, subject, infinitive

in riddles


When you learn a foreign language, you naturally need to learn the grammar rules and a lot of words. But if you understand the rules, that does not mean that you can already apply the rules.

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One can compare this with the learning of a musical instrument. If you know what to do, that is not enough. You need to practice it again and again.
I have developped the exercises on the following pages, so that my students have enough exercises for learning the German language. I hope the exercises help you too.

The exercises structure is always the same:

There's a word missing in the answer of the person on the right. Think the correct form and check if you're right by clicking on the black box.

Click on the black box

every time you don't know the answer, especially when you start with a chapter and aren't sure what to do. An exercise is not a test. Making errors is part of learning a language.

Practice daily 10-15 minutes.

Focus on the tasks. Concentration is very important.
If you have done 10 exercises correctly one after the other in a chapter, you can be sure that you have mastered the subject.

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